Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Metal Fest - Wild, Wet, Burnt To The Ground!

To sum it up:

We rehearsed relentlessly for this show, our biggest and most important gig so far. We traveled from Norway with fantastic expectations and in good spirits. We got to Cancun, drove to the stage, got on stage, played for about 6 min 35 secs when the skies opened. Blistering sun for days, and then lady Fortuna decided to play a nasty trick on us. The power was cut so that nothing would short-circuit, and the rest of the festival was cancelled. We play one and a half song. Enslaved, Wild Demise and Sepultura did not get to play at all... We waited for a couple of hours, waiting for everything to hopefully dry (which it did not), and when the audience realized nothing was happening they decided to go ballistic, riot and burn the stage. By that time, all expensive equipment and all staff was driven away though...



The short time we where on stage only left us hungry for more. This is Mexico, and the passion and intensity of Mexican metal fans is just insane! The rain sent both us and them into a soaked frenzy, eyes rolled white, blind circle pits all round! We headed straight for the local biker club, Route 666, where a local band was shredding. Apparently, Cancun still wanted Dead Trooper to play, and by golly we did! 300 maniacs in a tiny club got served Norwegian Thrash Metal by the frustrated and slightly inebriated bastards. We thought we'd treat Cancun to some Brazilian bikini wax mayhem as well, and delivered Territory and Refuse/Resist by you know who. During our last song of the night (we thought) none other than Derrick Green himself appeared in the crowd! Pointing and smiling, he agreed to join us on stage(!!!) for a couple of awesome, yet slightly stumbling renditions of some immortal Sepulclassics, performed on a busted PA, a measly drumkit and a 15-watt guitar "amplifier". Holy crap, the crowd went apeshit!!

Mexico blew us away, totally. What an experience!! Beautiful girls, crazy fans, hangin' out with Sepultura, DRI, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin.... Words are futile in describing this trip.... Harald O is crazy, btw.

Mother Nature fucked us over, the metalheads of Cancun saved us!!!!