Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo gallery heavily updated

Flickr page updated, check out many old & new pics here:


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #7 - Kosy Kristiansand :-)

The trek with Pantheon I is over, and we hit Kristiansand all on our own. Man, we wiss you guys already! Mörve, Næggis & Knæggis and Live!!! Gotta admit it was a little weird playing without these guys after all the fun we had! See you again anytime freaks!!! :D

The gig went great, we played great, and everything rocked! Our first time in Kristiansand, and neither we or the local freaks disappointed! Thanks a lot for showing up! And a special tnx to drummerboywunderkid Are for recording the whole fuckin' thing!

The support and feedback on this tour has been mindblowing, see you next time!!
Signing out.... Morten

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #6 - Kaos In Kopervik!

Now, this was probably the most diverse crowd we have ever played for! Middle-aged Chinese woman, some pretty Milfs (much to Bokns joy), members from Bokns extended family, straight-looking business guys, slighly psychopathic christian women, the usual leather-clad drunk metal guys, and a bunch of girls!! Fuck yeah, awesome! Freaks all round! Probably the smallest stage ever, too! To mark the end of the tour, we joined Pantheon I for a massive, crowded rendition of Whiplash!!! 9 people on a stage that was big enough for 2!
Met a bunch of old friends, seems like a lot of people know us all around Norway.

Kopervik, You Kick Ass !!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #5 - No sleep till' Bergen!

The smell of....

Playing at a festival for youth was definitely a wise choice. The kids ALWAYS go crazy, and this was no exception!!! The boys and girls up front were rabid, stagedivin', headbangin', tootin' and a'hollerin' Bergen motherfuckers!! WE LOVE YOU!! Don't ever change!! We wish from the bottom of our hearts that we could play more than a mere half hour, but that's what it's like playing a festival with 10 other bands, so that's what we had to deal with... There is no doubt in our minds however, that we will be back to Norways Metal Capital!! Bergen gave us an experience we will never forget.

Been a little short on pictures lately, but we will post them here:
as soon as we get'em!!

Stay sick, freaks!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #4 - Pulverizin' Porsgrunn

We, the bastards....

Another great gig! The positive feedback is just overwhelming! Especially when it comes from friends we really respect and look to for inspiration!
Porsgrunn ripped on a Saturday night, and gave us a really good time! We love you! Special tnx to Tove, who let 8 ugly (and one pretty) bastards sleep at her house, AND made the best breakfast ever! Thank you for your enormous hospitality!!
Next weekend we will be visiting Bergen and Kopervik, the latter will include a bit of surprise treat, since that will be Pantheon I's last gig with us! So Kopervik, beware! :-D

By the way, check our new picture gallery at flickr:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #3 - Obliterating Oslo

Shit! Rock In was packed! 150 crazy rockin' maniacs! Best Oslo-show ever! Probably the best show we have ever played! Nice chants: "Elt! Elt! Elt! Elt!" That's a first, hopefully not a last ;) Yes, the crowd slammed, Dead Trooper slammed and Pantheon I slammed! And man, this was a hot one. We were all pouring sweat like waterfalls (sweatfalls)! Gotta hand it to soundman Petter, making so much out of so little. And Tor, whose combined efforts in both bands are just mindnumbing, there is NO stopping this guy! And of course, seeing our good buddies in Shot At Dawn among the audience is always a pleasure.
Sold a whole bunch of shirts, they are really popular! :-D
Bokn was really happy with this gig, seems like we are getting really tight and comfortable on stage, finding are own, nice spaces, so to speak.
Oslo, we love you! Especially you maniacs up front! Keep it up! :-D ELT!

Pics coming soooooooooon, my love...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Roadblog , Entry #2 - Trippin' in Trondheim!

We arrived at Trondheim sometime after lunch, hooked up the gear, did the soundcheck, a little bit of ELT, and a massive show to top it of! First band out were locals Shotgun Rodeo, nice guys that churned it up good. We altered our setlist a bit, just to try out some different shit! This was definitely one of our best shows ever! Great mood, great performance by all the boys, and funny as hell!
Bokn adjusted his drum-setup in accordance with soundman Petters advice with awesome results! Bigger venue this time, and that means bigger P.A. and better sonics! And fuck yeah, sound was waaaay better than last night.
It also seems like we nailed it with our new "Norwegian Bastards" T-shirt. People can't get enough of them! :-D Met some old friends, made a bunch of new ones and, not surprisingly, drank a lot of beer! One particularly nice fan would not get of our backs, and kept asking and asking about when we will hit this beautiful town again!?? When? Dunno, but we will, no doubt! (not the band) Thankz and hailz goes out to the beer-drinkin', hellraisin' partypeople of Trondheim!

More pics coming soon!

Roadblog , Entry #1 - Hammered in Hamar!

And we were off! Hamar and Trondheim never knew what hit'em! Tor could not make it to this two first gigs so Jon from Pantheon I did bass for us, and Birger vice versa for them! It turned out great, huuuuge tnx to Jon for incredible shreddin'! However, Tor will be back in time for the gig in Oslo this thursday, and of course for the rest of the tour!

Hamar : free drinks and huge toenails! Despite some minor technical issues, we kicked ass! Sound was so and so, but what can you expect in a rather tiny bar!? The mood, on the other hand, was smashing! We are really psyched with touring again, meeting a lot of new and beautiful people, and the people of Hamar were, and hopefully still are, gorgeous! Turns out that both bands carry a "tiny" torch for Metallica, and the result of this casual, modest attitude (extreme, brainwashing worshipping) is that we will, as a special treat to our Norwegian fans, perform St. Anger in its entirety, every night!!! No, we are not actually (haha) but we will jam a lot! :-D

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I morgen starter Norges-turneén med Pantheon I! Vi kommer til å slenge ut oppdateringer her, bilder og greier, mens vi kverner oss fra by til by! Vi gleder oss som bare faen til å vise Norge hva Dead Trooper duger til! For å finne ut når vi harver i din by, sjekk ut www.deadtrooper.com

Hail fra alle gutta!

So, tomorrow is the first official date of our Norwegian tour with Pantheon I! We will update the bastard-blog with pics and shit as we churn through the barren wastelands of good ol' Norge! So stay tuned! To find out when we will thrash your city, visit www.deadtrooper.com

Hailz and hugz from the boys!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pics from Sandvika!

Phötös by Aslak Liestøl

Sandvika got hit!

Damn, the show on Friday was killer! Sandvika never knew what hit'em! Lots of familiar faces, and a bunch of new ones as well. The mood was sky-high, and apart from my amp heading for oblivion, the whole evening turned out great! I had to let my guitar go for the first two songs and jump around with only the mic there for a while, but we kinda fixed it :-S
The boys from Shot At Dawn were there, Jonathan joined us for Seek & Destroy! Oohyeah! 'Tallica baby! And I kicked Chris' ass later by leading him head-first into a lightpole, knocking that suckah cold ;-)
Pulled of Territory (Sepultura duh...) live for the first time, turned out great!
This was also our first show with the new permanent lineup! Tor crushed on bass, and Bokn was insane! Argh, the groove onstage was just immense!!! I can't wait to do more shows, damn!
Got some pics coming soon! And Are (that's right, Ex-drummerboy) recorded the whole fucking thing! So some audioproof is likely to pop up as well.
Respect goes to Twilight Arise and Kabraahl, you guys are tight! "#¤%#¤

Ya'll kicked ass! Tnx for supporting!

Herr Müller

Friday, June 5, 2009

Das Blog

So, this is the new Dead Trooper blog! Here we will post misc. pictures and notes from live shows, tours, rehearsals, elting, and whathaveyou... Anything slightly Trooper-oriented! Leave comments, and stay crisp, you freaks you! :-D

Herr Morten Müller


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