Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #3 - Obliterating Oslo

Shit! Rock In was packed! 150 crazy rockin' maniacs! Best Oslo-show ever! Probably the best show we have ever played! Nice chants: "Elt! Elt! Elt! Elt!" That's a first, hopefully not a last ;) Yes, the crowd slammed, Dead Trooper slammed and Pantheon I slammed! And man, this was a hot one. We were all pouring sweat like waterfalls (sweatfalls)! Gotta hand it to soundman Petter, making so much out of so little. And Tor, whose combined efforts in both bands are just mindnumbing, there is NO stopping this guy! And of course, seeing our good buddies in Shot At Dawn among the audience is always a pleasure.
Sold a whole bunch of shirts, they are really popular! :-D
Bokn was really happy with this gig, seems like we are getting really tight and comfortable on stage, finding are own, nice spaces, so to speak.
Oslo, we love you! Especially you maniacs up front! Keep it up! :-D ELT!

Pics coming soooooooooon, my love...