Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #4 - Pulverizin' Porsgrunn

We, the bastards....

Another great gig! The positive feedback is just overwhelming! Especially when it comes from friends we really respect and look to for inspiration!
Porsgrunn ripped on a Saturday night, and gave us a really good time! We love you! Special tnx to Tove, who let 8 ugly (and one pretty) bastards sleep at her house, AND made the best breakfast ever! Thank you for your enormous hospitality!!
Next weekend we will be visiting Bergen and Kopervik, the latter will include a bit of surprise treat, since that will be Pantheon I's last gig with us! So Kopervik, beware! :-D

By the way, check our new picture gallery at flickr:

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