Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #6 - Kaos In Kopervik!

Now, this was probably the most diverse crowd we have ever played for! Middle-aged Chinese woman, some pretty Milfs (much to Bokns joy), members from Bokns extended family, straight-looking business guys, slighly psychopathic christian women, the usual leather-clad drunk metal guys, and a bunch of girls!! Fuck yeah, awesome! Freaks all round! Probably the smallest stage ever, too! To mark the end of the tour, we joined Pantheon I for a massive, crowded rendition of Whiplash!!! 9 people on a stage that was big enough for 2!
Met a bunch of old friends, seems like a lot of people know us all around Norway.

Kopervik, You Kick Ass !!



  1. wooopididooo! eg o... føltes ut som om nakken min sko knekka på tvers! good concert. jani

  2. Det var konge i kopervik asså! fytti! der var det elt!

    Men korr blir det av bildene, Glenn Tennis-gut!