Monday, September 7, 2009

Roadblog , Entry #1 - Hammered in Hamar!

And we were off! Hamar and Trondheim never knew what hit'em! Tor could not make it to this two first gigs so Jon from Pantheon I did bass for us, and Birger vice versa for them! It turned out great, huuuuge tnx to Jon for incredible shreddin'! However, Tor will be back in time for the gig in Oslo this thursday, and of course for the rest of the tour!

Hamar : free drinks and huge toenails! Despite some minor technical issues, we kicked ass! Sound was so and so, but what can you expect in a rather tiny bar!? The mood, on the other hand, was smashing! We are really psyched with touring again, meeting a lot of new and beautiful people, and the people of Hamar were, and hopefully still are, gorgeous! Turns out that both bands carry a "tiny" torch for Metallica, and the result of this casual, modest attitude (extreme, brainwashing worshipping) is that we will, as a special treat to our Norwegian fans, perform St. Anger in its entirety, every night!!! No, we are not actually (haha) but we will jam a lot! :-D

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