Monday, September 7, 2009

Roadblog , Entry #2 - Trippin' in Trondheim!

We arrived at Trondheim sometime after lunch, hooked up the gear, did the soundcheck, a little bit of ELT, and a massive show to top it of! First band out were locals Shotgun Rodeo, nice guys that churned it up good. We altered our setlist a bit, just to try out some different shit! This was definitely one of our best shows ever! Great mood, great performance by all the boys, and funny as hell!
Bokn adjusted his drum-setup in accordance with soundman Petters advice with awesome results! Bigger venue this time, and that means bigger P.A. and better sonics! And fuck yeah, sound was waaaay better than last night.
It also seems like we nailed it with our new "Norwegian Bastards" T-shirt. People can't get enough of them! :-D Met some old friends, made a bunch of new ones and, not surprisingly, drank a lot of beer! One particularly nice fan would not get of our backs, and kept asking and asking about when we will hit this beautiful town again!?? When? Dunno, but we will, no doubt! (not the band) Thankz and hailz goes out to the beer-drinkin', hellraisin' partypeople of Trondheim!

More pics coming soon!


  1. Yes, skulle akkurat til å si det selv: TUSEN TAKK! Skamsexy..

  2. Skulle veldig gjerne fått med meg det her, men vi får ta det igjen på torsdag ;)