Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #5 - No sleep till' Bergen!

The smell of....

Playing at a festival for youth was definitely a wise choice. The kids ALWAYS go crazy, and this was no exception!!! The boys and girls up front were rabid, stagedivin', headbangin', tootin' and a'hollerin' Bergen motherfuckers!! WE LOVE YOU!! Don't ever change!! We wish from the bottom of our hearts that we could play more than a mere half hour, but that's what it's like playing a festival with 10 other bands, so that's what we had to deal with... There is no doubt in our minds however, that we will be back to Norways Metal Capital!! Bergen gave us an experience we will never forget.

Been a little short on pictures lately, but we will post them here:
as soon as we get'em!!

Stay sick, freaks!!!

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