Saturday, October 3, 2009

Roadblog, Entry #7 - Kosy Kristiansand :-)

The trek with Pantheon I is over, and we hit Kristiansand all on our own. Man, we wiss you guys already! Mörve, Næggis & Knæggis and Live!!! Gotta admit it was a little weird playing without these guys after all the fun we had! See you again anytime freaks!!! :D

The gig went great, we played great, and everything rocked! Our first time in Kristiansand, and neither we or the local freaks disappointed! Thanks a lot for showing up! And a special tnx to drummerboywunderkid Are for recording the whole fuckin' thing!

The support and feedback on this tour has been mindblowing, see you next time!!
Signing out.... Morten

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