Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sandvika got hit!

Damn, the show on Friday was killer! Sandvika never knew what hit'em! Lots of familiar faces, and a bunch of new ones as well. The mood was sky-high, and apart from my amp heading for oblivion, the whole evening turned out great! I had to let my guitar go for the first two songs and jump around with only the mic there for a while, but we kinda fixed it :-S
The boys from Shot At Dawn were there, Jonathan joined us for Seek & Destroy! Oohyeah! 'Tallica baby! And I kicked Chris' ass later by leading him head-first into a lightpole, knocking that suckah cold ;-)
Pulled of Territory (Sepultura duh...) live for the first time, turned out great!
This was also our first show with the new permanent lineup! Tor crushed on bass, and Bokn was insane! Argh, the groove onstage was just immense!!! I can't wait to do more shows, damn!
Got some pics coming soon! And Are (that's right, Ex-drummerboy) recorded the whole fucking thing! So some audioproof is likely to pop up as well.
Respect goes to Twilight Arise and Kabraahl, you guys are tight! "#¤%#¤

Ya'll kicked ass! Tnx for supporting!

Herr Müller

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  1. Too bad I couldn't be there. sounds like a killer night.

    Stay Elt!

    - T