Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hamar and Geilo - Mini roadtrip!

So, last weekend we hit Hamar and Geilo! The trip to Hamar was free of problems, we arrived, set up our gear with the boys in
Wyruz, and had a great night. The place was packed, loooud crowd :D, a lot of chicks (Bokn had a hard time focusing his already short attention span with that many smoking females breasting about). This was our first gig with Wyrus, those guys are great! THE RED TRAIL! :D We played Reaping for the first time in a long time, and it felt good. The locals turned a little shy when we whipped out our version of the best Norwegian Punk-folk-necro-accordion-based-blues-pop song ever, XXL by DDE!! But they got stronger, chorus by chorus ;) Awesome!
This gig was fucking hot, both bartenders, bartendees and musicians sweated pretty good, the backstage was totally packed and cramped as usual, and the beer flowed free! What a night! Tnx Hamar, we love you! :D (Special tnx to Hein with the cock)

Next stop - Geilo

The trip was fucking cold and late and the night driving took its toll on drivers as well as vehicles, but we made it to Geilo at 6:30 in the morning, got a couple of hours sleep, and started rigging the drums. The stage was outside, in the freezing Norwegian winter, on a truck... The PA-system was like your average car-stereo, but soundman Rolli worked his magic, and did his best despite dastardly distortion and frantic feedback. Of course, it didn't take long for the skys to open and "bless" us with a long, snowy kiss. The white magic filled the TWO monitors we had, thus restricting movement of the speakers, thus removing any presence of instruments as well as vocals on stage. Yeah. If it wasn't for the gang of ten year-olds occupying the stage with their relentless dancing, headbanging, interrogation about guitars and plectrums between songs, (throughout the entire set!!!) I am not sure what I would have felt about this one... But THE KIDS SAVED US!!!! Gotta love the kids!!! By the way, this was not a "traditional" Trooper-gig, we played 50/50 covers (including Jokke, AcDc, Twisted Sister and Bon (never again) Jovi) and originals. So now you know...

All together, this weekend kicked ass! Rolli and Bokn even expanded our vocabularies with the following words: Kwegga, Schlubb and Møs. Contact Bokn for translation.....

Last, but not least; Bokn is the best drummer ever..... Tnx Bro.

Till next time!

Der Meister

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